Talisman Adaptation Dropped By Capcom

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Work on the gaming adaptation of Games Workshop’s Talisman title ground to an unceremonious halt a few months back, but Capcom has just announced (as quietly as possible) that the development has now been entirely dropped.

Speaking on the company’s official forums, Capcom’s veep of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson said, "We evaluated several options for moving the project to new developers, but the costs of moving forward outweighted the potential revenue."

The board game involved a fantasy battle for six players to the centre of the board where an ultimate power is unlocked to defeat the other players. It’s a shame about the production being halted in this way, as Talisman sounds like an ideal contender for an MMO or other breed of online game.

"The rights have reverted back to Games Workshop where I hope someone will pick them up and try again. I too still would like to play a Talisman videogame," concludes Svensson. Oh well.

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