Popular Mechanics Honors Spore with Breakthrough Award

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Last night, Spore was recognized for its achievement in design, creativity and engineering with a “Breakthrough Award” from POPULAR MECHANICS. Spore  is being honored for its revolutionary procedural animation system, joining the ranks of such ground-breaking innovations such as affordable cancer detection tests, renewable diesel fuel and a transparent-wall camera.

“The Maxis team is honored to be recognized for Spore’s procedural animation system by POPULAR MECHANICS,” said Lucy Bradshaw, general manager, Maxis Studio. “We’re in great company with the other recipients of the Breakthrough Award. Procedural animation helps to bring Spore players’ creations to life through intuitive, realistic movement and we look forward to continuing to push the limits of this system in future Spore projects."
Spore:  From the mastermind behind EA’s The Sims comes one of the most widely anticipated video games ever, one that traces the evolution of a species from single cell to the conquest of space. Spore relies on a process called procedural animation to allow players’ creations to interact in utterly fresh and unpredictable ways.  $49, spore.com

Criteria and Evaluation

In selecting the candidates and winners of the 2008 Breakthrough Awards program, the editors of POPULAR MECHANICS (PM) canvassed a large range of experts and academics to come up with a list of worthy nominees.  Members of PM’s Board of Advisers reviewed the nominations to help the editors of POPULAR MECHANICS choose the winners.

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