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The masters of pinball simulations are at it again! ZEN Studios, the creator of the highly-popular title, ZEN Pinball: Rollercoaster, in conjunction with Publisher X, announced today that ZEN Pinball: Inferno is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

“We’ve been working hard to deliver games that offer the highest possible pinball experience and ZEN Pinball: Inferno it no exception. This is a great addition to our growing line of impressive tables,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director of ZEN Studios. “With stunning graphics, five modes of gameplay and intuitive touch screen controls, ZEN Pinball: Inferno is sure to be the “hottest” pinball game on the iPhone.”

ZEN Studios turns up the heat with their second table for the iPhone, ZEN Pinball: Inferno! This fiery themed table offers authentic pinball action that will have gamers flipping, bumping and tilting in the hopes of mastering this exhilarating table offered ZEN Studios.


  • Full 3D environment and physics
  • Dumpy’s endurance: Light up the rotating rhythm area to test Dumpy’s endurance in a bumper-smacking game mode!
  • Airdancer Multiball: Blow up the party puppet with the spinner and get the stage-rocking Airdancer multiball!
  • Backstage Multiball: Prove your party skills in the whirling Headbang arena then hide the balls backstage to start the marvelous Backstage multiball!
  • Main game modes (PartyMeter): Rock the house with the PartyMeter! Master the five different stages and earn the big prizes!
  • Extra ball: Keep shooting those bumpers! You will get an Extra Ball for a hundred hits.
  • Hot string solo: Grab the guitar by lighting up the Hot String targets and play a sizzling Hot String Solo on the strings of the fiery slingshots!
  • New hot-seat multiplayer mode

For more information about ZEN Studios and ZEN Pinball: Inferno, visit: www.zenstudios.com.

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