Portal: Still Alive Teleporting Onto XBLA on 22nd October

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This was a triumph.

Ever since The Orange Box wowed gamers with the casual puzzle game, Portal, we’ve been waiting for some kind - any kind of follow up.

The good news is a release date has finally been announced for the anticipated Xbox Live adaptation, Portal: Still Alive. Next Wednesday, 22nd October, you can return to Aperture Science for 1200 Microsoft Points. Although this isn’t cheap for an XBLA game, the undeniable quality of last year’s unexpected sleeper hit is likely to be worth every point.

For those who missed it first time around (shame on you - check out our PS3 review here), Portal is a teleporter-based puzzle game type shooter thingy, featuring some of the most wonderful, blackest humour ever laced into a video game. It’s a term that gets bandied around about games these days, but Portal really is unmissable. Hopefully the 14 new Xbox exclusive maps in Portal: Still Alive will give addicts of the original plenty to do, and introduce those who missed it to a whole new world of dizzying heights, baffling puzzlement and cake.


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