Banish Land Open Beta Begins

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Banish Land is a browser-based cross between an empire builder and a strategy game incorporating pieces of interior managing, hero building, item creating and alliance warfare.

After one month’s close beta test, PKVE(Peak Virtual Entertainment ) announced their new browser-based game Banish land are greatly improved by repairing the all bugs found by testers. Since 10:00 on October 18, 2008 EST, the Open Beta Test has begun. The New Version of Banish Land is expected to bring you a much better experience.

Many new features such as Chat system, detailed tutorials, Stone of Recall and so on are waiting for all players to experience. What’s better, rich bonus will be sent even at the beginning you join the game:

Distribution of Closed Beta Rewards
Free packages on Registration
Free Bonus on Purchasing

Keep playing, more events like leveling contest, quiz event etc are awaiting you!

Banish Land is an amazing browser game launched by PKVE. This game is featured by its well designed combat format and diversified game content. The game features are as follows:

  1. Fully Customized Characters
  2. Heroes Recruitment & Training System
  3. Dudgeon Quests system
  4. Excellent Gameplay: 18 resources, 62 mines, 43 factories, 74 Buildings, 18 defense works, 20 unites, 21 monsters, 11 techniques.
  5. Various Battle Format: PvP, Alliance vs Alliance, Castle Siege, Stronghold Battle

Official website:

In : PC

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