Puzzllotto To Offer $30,000 in iPhone Promotion

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United Lemur is gearing up to release its first iPhone game, Puzzllotto, onto the App Store tomorrow, 22nd October. To help promote the environmentally conscious game, the developer is offering a US$30,000 cash prize to the first player to ’solve’ the game.

The exact details of the game are somewhat shrouded in mystery, with the overall objective of this explorative puzzle game being described as "discovering the objective of the game".

"The problem with games like Zork and Myst is it’s too tempting to Google the answer and spoil the fun," CEO Mike Lee explained. "By offering a cash prize, we’re hoping to create a real challenge for people."

The company, an engineering and design collective centered around Cupertino, California, has a progressive business model built on the idea of altruistic capitalism. The idea is summed up in United Lemur’s mission statement: "Ship beautiful products to make a better world."

Unfortunately, the game will initially only be released in the US, as legal problems mean the promotion can only be made avaiable to US citizens (excluding those in Maryland, North Dakota, and Vermont). Once the promotion has concluded, United Lemur intends to release the game worldwide.

"If that sounds overly careful, it is," Lee said. "We’ve got the best promotions attorneys on the planet helping us design this, and a professional promotions company to run it. We want people to know our hype is backed by a solid commitment to quality. There’s steak behind the sizzle. The unprecedented nature of this promotion makes legal fees a serious development cost. We’re going to try to make Puzzllotto II worldwide."

Even if you’re not eligable to bag the big money, it’s worth knowing that United Lemur is donating 10% of its App Store revenue (not just profit) to the Madagascar Fauna Group, which actively works toward protecting the animals featured in the game.

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