BBC Licenses Greentube Mountainbike title

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BBC, one of the world´s leading TV-broadcasters and well-known in the industry for its proven interactive competence, has signed a license-deal with Vienna-based Greentube AG, to adapt one of its high quality free download games for the UK public service audience.

Based on an existing games engine that delivers multi player down hill racing which is financed through in-game advertising, the BBC Children’s department has adapted this to support their olympic programming and promote their own shows in the dynamic banners.

The "Mountainbike Challenge 08" presented as the flagship-game of the "Sports Village" section has attracted numerous CBBC visitors since the launch in early August 2008.

The game-season will commence until the end of October 2008.

Eberhard Dürrschmid, CEO of Greentube: "We are very proud of the BBC joining our network of global partners for our high quality games. This is another proof of concept for us and honours the work we are doing and the constant improvement of concepts and games we are living for. We have been developing into a major player for casual online- and download multiplayer games within the past 5 years."

Greentube´s series of free download sports games is attracting more than 7 million global players and is still on its way to expansion, as new games will be added to the existing portfolio within the next 12 months and a series of new media-partners is going to license the new season of "Ski Challenge", starting in December 2008.

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