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My friends over at Zeemote seem to have been working hard these last few weeks which might be why I haven’t heard from them until today when they announced the forthcoming availability of the Zeemote SDK (software development kit) for BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion, which includes the BlackBerry Curve and the BlackBerry Pearl series smartphones. The Zeemote SDK will allow BlackBerry developers to create mobile games that are compatible with Zeemote’s award-winning JS1 Controller, a wireless, analog joystick for mobile phones that connects via Bluetooth. Already launched in European markets, the JS1 Controller has proven that mobile game play is dramatically enhanced by the portable thumbstick.

The new Zeemote SDK for BlackBerry smartphones includes a set of standards, simple testing procedures and support that make it easier for developers to bring games to market that function with the JS1 Controller. This initiative builds on the successful Zeemote Ready developer program, a design protocol that ensures an exciting and consistent consumer experience with the JS1 Controller.

“By adding RIM’s cutting-edge BlackBerry smartphones to the list of handsets that already work with the JS1 Controller, we are able to bring the Zeemote experience to even more people,” said Jim Adams, vice president of worldwide marketing, sales and business development for Zeemote. “The JS1 Controller is truly game-changing, allowing customers to play mobile games like never before, and in the process creating countless new opportunities for manufacturers, developers and operators.”

With a thumbstick and four assignable trigger buttons, the ergonomically designed Zeemote JS1 Controller (weighing just 47g/1.7oz) offers real analog control via Bluetooth, enabling users to truly engage with mobile games on the handset.

If you’re interested in winning a Zeemote and live in Europe (and Western Russia) then check out the GDN Mid-Autumn Mobile Classic contest where it’s in the Grand Prize pack along with free mobile games from Fish Labs.

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