1701 AD and Expansion for Download in North America

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Aspyr Media has made the award-winning economic simulation 1701 A.D. and the expansion 1701 A.D. – The Sunken Dragon available for purchase on GameAgent, Aspyr’s digital download store. www.GameAgent.com is the only download service where gamers can buy the massive add-on pack in North America.
This exclusive digital download on www.GameAgent.com marks the first time that 1701 A.D. fans in North America will be able to purchase the expansion pack independent of the original game. 1701 A.D. – The Sunken Dragon was included as part of 1701 A.D. Gold Edition, released by Aspyr to North American retail stores earlier this year. For gamers who purchased the original 1701 A.D. off of store shelves, The Sunken Dragon expansion download from GameAgent is 100 percent compatible with that version.
1701 A.D. – The Sunken Dragon adds to the 1701 A.D. experience and limitless replayability with a new 11-mission, story-driven campaign and a powerful new world editor that allows gamers to design and share maps for single-player or online play. 1701 A.D. players face new challenges in the expansion’s new artificial intelligence opponents, buildings, subquests and an empire-ending additional natural disaster, the meteor shower.
1701 A.D. takes players to an 18th-century land under the Queen’s orders to develop settlements and grow a massive empire. A successful strategy strives to keep citizenry happy by developing and acquiring goods to satisfy their ever-growing needs while working to gain an advantage on opponents. Empire-builders challenge wily AI antagonists, each with unique personalities and traits, or take on human opposition online to battle in the New World through diplomacy, trade, sabotage, espionage and military strength.
1701 A.D. and 1701 A.D. – The Sunken Dragon are rated E10+ by the ESRB. Both titles are available for download, in North America only, at www.GameAgent.com for $19.99 each. As a special offer, by purchasing 1701 A.D. from www.GameAgent.com, customers will be able to buy The Sunken Dragon for only $10.

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