3 Android Games from Hudson Soft

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Coinciding with the North American release of the T-Mobile G1 mobile phone, HUDSON SOFT is launching three free games - "Charlene’s Beachside Blackjack", "Charlene’s Beachside Klondike" and "Charlene’s Beachside Reversi" - today.  The T-Mobile G1 is the first mobile phone to use the open standard mobile device platform, Android, which was developed by the Open Handset Alliance.  

The games will be distributed on Android Market, which launches simultaneously with the T-Mobile G1.  Android Market is the distribution gateway to download applications and content for Android-powered mobile phones.

Harnessing the T-Mobile G1’s capabilities, these three innovative games use the touch screen and trackball for intuitive controls.   

Charlene’s Beachside Series is a brand-new casual game series tailored for an international audience using the new mobile device platform. The series is set in the "Hartman Resort", an exclusive, luxury casino on the Caribbean.  You play casual games opposite the beautiful dealer Charlene.  Thought she has a reputation as a fearsome opponent, she will smile gracefully when the player wins.

Hudson aims to expand its coverage of the global marketplace by continuing to distribute game content on Android Market, by pursuing new business opportunities, and by strengthening its international mobile phone business. 

Charlene’s Beachside Blackjack
Release Date:	October 22, 2008
Price:		Free
Genre:		Card Game

Play blackjack one-on-one against Charlene.  Win or lose, she’ll let
you know how you’re doing.  You start with $1000, can you make it $1
million?  Don’t worry if you run out of money, since you get another
$1000 if you run out.

Charlene’s Beachside Klondike
Release Date:	October 22, 2008
Price:		Free
Genre:		Card Game

You can play One-Card or Three-Card Klondike.  When the cards are fully
open, Charlene appears and snaps her fingers.  Like magic, cards will
fly off and make hands. 

Charlene’s Beachside Reversi
Release Date:	October 22, 2008
Price:		Free
Genre:		Card Game

Play one of three difficulty levels of Reversi against Charlene. In
this ancient strategy game, you’ll need to place your pieces carefully
if you want to beat Charlene.  Always a gracious winner or loser,
Charlene appears and smiles after each game.
In : PC

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