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Heileen, developed by Tycoon Games, is a historical-fiction visual novel game with multiple endings.

“Visual novels are the next wave of interactive fiction games. They’re like a hybrid of books and games—they’re deeper than the average video game since they’re narrative-based, and they’re interactive; what the player does affects the story and ultimately the outcome.”
—Riva Celso, programmer/designer of Tycoon Games

The game tells the tale of a young girl from the 17th Century, Heileen. Her merchant uncle leaving her no choice, she undertakes a voyage to the New World. She’ll meet old friends, like her childhood friend Marie, and get the chance to befriend other people, like John, the young, dashing sailor, Marco, the ship’s cook, and Lora, the shameless mistress accompanying her uncle on the voyage.

The game features over 4500 screens of dialog, 8 chapters and 3 different endings.

A free demo is available from Tycoon Games website at The demo is three chapters long and introduces some of the characters and the story.

Heileen can be played on PCs, Macs, and Linuxes with very low hardware requirements.

An interesting title to say the least. Stay tuned to GDN as we flip through the pages of Heileen in the near future.

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