Wii Rage Wireless Guitar Recalled

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I was in our neighborhood Walmart this morning and happened to glance at the recall board and something caught my eye. According to the flyer, and the notice on their website, the Rage Wireless Guitar for the Wii has been recalled.

The issue is with a circuit board that has a defect which can cause the AA batteries to leak if they are installed backwards, causing chemical burns. At this time only one incident has been recorded.

The guitar is blue or white and is 31 inches long. The guitar contains battery-operated LED-lighted fret buttons that go up the neck of the guitar.

According to the recall, if you have one of these guitars, stop using them immediately and take it back to the store where you purchased the item, and receive a full refund. They ask that you do not contact Nintendo, as they have no dealings with this product.

For further information contact Performance Designed Products at (800) 331-3844 between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.pdp.com.


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