HYBRID Gaming Mat Now On Sale

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Xtracpad announced today that their HYBRID professional gaming mat is now available.

Originally released in early 2005 as the vanguard of XTracPads line of high quality mouse pads, an unfortunate event occurred that destroyed the machinery used in the production of this very unique mouse surface.

Over the last several years, XTracPads has been working on a new solution for bringing a plastic surface and a cloth top mouse pad together on the same surface at the same time. Now, today, we have a new HYBRID mouse surface that contains more plastic than before for an even greater mouse glide experience.

Unveiling the HYBRID at the 2008 Protocol42 LAN party in Salt Lake City Utah, Christopher Kahl, Business Manager for XTracPads said: “We’re really happy to be able to serve the gaming community both locally and abroad with this new product. We’ve had so many people ask us when we would bring this legendary mouse surface back to market. Well, after so many prototypes we were getting closer to a product that I thought was even better than the original HYBRID and today, here it is. I think this new HYBRID is simply awesome!”

The XTracPads HYBRID has a retail price of $28.95 USD and is available from XTracPads.

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