IOGEAR Offers Gamers New KVMP Switch

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IOGEAR’s new 4-Port Dual Link DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio (GCS1784) marks a revolutionary step in KVMP functionality by allowing multimedia enthusiasts to maximize their space and share up to four computers without sacrificing high-quality audio and video.

Ideal for audio / video editors, high-end gamers and graphic artists who require the utmost clarity, the 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio supports resolutions greater than 1080p HD. It is equipped with IOGEAR’s patent-pending Display Emulation Technology, which remembers your monitor’s ideal resolution and refresh rate when switching between computers, eliminating the need for large, widescreen monitors. In addition, the 7.1 audio serves as the ultimate surround sound experience providing top quality and performance. The exceptional visibility is also beneficial to medical professionals who need to review images as clearly as possible to make accurate, educated patient decisions.

For consumers who integrate a number of machines to their workstation, the IOGEAR 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio allows independent sharing of USB 2.0 peripherals between four computers. This maximizes space, increases productivity and decreases energy consumption and waste by enabling users to share one keyboard, mouse and monitor between several PCs. The KVMP switch is also a complete out-of-box solution that includes all necessary cabling for easy set-up.

"IOGEAR understands the needs of advanced computer users and is continually introducing new additions to its KVMP family to satisfy their needs," said Miranda Su, executive vice president of IOGEAR. "Our 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch with 7.1 Audio is perfect for users who need to share USB peripherals between multiple computers and want to retain high audio and visual quality."

The 4-Port Dual-Link DVI KVMP with 7.1 Audio (GCS1784) ($799.95 MSRP) comes with IOGEAR’s three-year limited warranty. It is available immediately from all major catalog and online resellers, as well as select retail outlets.

At about $800 I don’t see many gamers digging into the couch cushions for this one. In fact, maybe only that guy with 31 WoW accounts even needs it unless you’re playing a four-man team in your favorite online FPS alone.

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