GDN RoM Beta Key 500 winners

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So the contest ended and you’re wondering where on Earth the winners list is for all the beta activations right? (It wasn’t really keys as Frogster will just activate the winning account)

Well someone in the forums was also curious and so they asked as well. Now before I give you the link to the list I just want you all to realize that we are not responsible for activating the accounts, Frogster is, and Frogster will be doing so as fast as they can. So emailing someone here won’t do much good because as far as the progress of the know as much as we do.

Ok here’s the link to the Runes of Magic 500 Beta Key Contest from GDN

It’s just a simple alphabetical list of RoM logins, no emails, no passwords (for those of you who sent passwords - What were you thinking?!)

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