Charge your Gear on the Go With Solio

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It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. We’re on a long trip and have no access to a wall socket but really need to finish that next level on our favorite portable game system. Well now those days of having to pack it up and wait for a place to recharge are ended.

 The Solio Classic, solar powered charger from Better Energy Systems is perfect for keeping your handheld gaming devices powered up while you are on the go. The Solio has an integrated battery which can store energy (from the sun or a wall socket) for up to a year enabling you to recharge your console at anytime, whether you are on the beach or on a plane half way across the Atlantic.

The multitude of interchangeable tips included with the Solio Classic transforms it into a one stop charging solution for all your handheld devices including iPods and mobile phones.  Its lightweight and compact design means it is perfect for travel or emergency use.

The Solio Classic retails from £49.99 and is available from John Lewis, Dixons and

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