Preorder for Disgaea 2 and Makai Kingdom

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Pre-Orders have begun for the re-print of Disgaea 2 and Makai Kingdom. There are limited copies  so don’t wait too long or you might not get one.

Preorder Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome

Makai Kingdom was originally released in 2005. With lots of demand from our fans for a re-print, we’ve decided to reproduce this title. Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on Nippon Ichi Software’s crazy over-the-top humor SRPG!

Check out the Makai Kingdom Official Website for more information about the game!

Click to see larger image.

RosenQueen has three different choices for Disgaea 2!

Preorder Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Disgaea 2 was originally released in 2006. Now, you can preorder to own this game once again. If you’ve heard about Disgaea 2, but never played it. This is your chance to get it, play it, and love it!!

Disgaea 2 Official Website

Click to see larger image.

Click to see larger image.

Preorder Disgaea 2 and the strategy guide together

-Disgaea 2 game
-Disgaea 2 strategy guide

There are only a couple more game and strategy guide sets left. You’ll have to act fast to get this easy and economic bundle!

Preorder Disgaea 2 and the World of Disgaea 2 together

-Disgaea 2 game
-The World of Disgaea 2 (artbook)

There are only 40 units left for this set. The World of Disgaea 2 is a full-color, hardcover illustration book, which features original concept art, sketches, and promotional artwork from Japan. If you enjoy Mr. Takehito Harada’s artwork, this artbook is a must-have. (All the artwork in the book was done by Takehito Harada and others.)

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Click to see larger image.

Order Disgaea DS Tactically Tactile Set Now!

-Disgaea DS game
-Prinny Touch Pen (stylus)

RosenQueen has also reprinted a couple hundred copies of Disgaea DS. If you haven’t tried Disgaea on DS, you should check it out!

Disgaea DS Official Website

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

RosenQueen told us that they would start the preorder for the Prinny game on PlayStation Portable in January 2009. They’ll create a cool Prinny item for this preorder special. So, keep your eyes open for further notice! They’ll have only 2000 preorder special products, so you sure don’t want to miss it!

Check out Prinny’s teaser trailer on the Prinny Official Website.

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