Start-up developer launches iPhone Jumble! game

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New start-up developer Cave Bear has announced that their first game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Jumble!, is now available on the Apple iTunes store. 

Cave Bear is a recently formed video and computer games developer based in the South West of England. Formed by four veterans of the games industry with over seventy years of development experience between them (including such critically-acclaimed games and franchises as Fable, Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, Warzone 2100, Dungeon Keeper and Conflict), their aim is to create bundles of casual gaming fun with an eye on giving the core contingent plenty of entertainment, too.

Creative director Julian Glover said: "Developing on the iPhone has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. As the development time and setup costs were manageable it gave us complete creative freedom over our own product. This allowed us to very quickly turn our ideas into gameplay and meant that we were able to fully concentrate on the fun-factor at the heart of of Jumble!"

Technical director Guy Moss added: "The iPhone is a very exciting product, harnessing enough raw power to easily create some great games, and the stable Mac-based development environment is an absolute joy. Coupled with the simple-to-use iTunes distribution model Apple really have created a masterpiece for small developers. Roll on the next title."

’Jumble!’ is described as a fiendishly addictive game of teetering towers, object orientation and beleaguered balancing. Set upon a backdrop of kitchen hardware, toy soldiers, cupcakes, beanbags and myriad other items, you must reach dizzying heights, fill seemingly-unreachable areas and keep your wits about you at all times.

The game features:

. Over 40 levels of jumbling pile-up fun including advanced and bonus levels
. Two distinct game modes and multiple objective types
. Unique and entrancing musical melodies to accompany level themes
. Record high scores and gain bronze, silver and gold stars
. Tilt the screen to prevent a collapsing disaster and to guide objects into tricky-toreach areas

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