Majesty 2 Developer Diary Begins Today

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Paradox Interactive has today launched the first entry in a new series of Majesty 2 developer diaries from Alexey Kozyrev, Lead Developer from 1C: Ino-Co. The entry takes a look at the evolving “motivation” system within the game.

The diary specifically discusses the changes to the fear and courage of heroes.

Alexey Kozyrev writes “Each class has its own attitude towards life. For example, the Thieves want money, but that motivation is compensated by a high level of cowardice. They are the first to look for a reward, but will also be the first to desert in the battlefield. A hero constantly estimates danger around him or her, compares it to his or her characteristics, health and courage, and then decides whether or not it is necessary to run away.”

To read the complete developer diary entry for Majesty 2, visit:

New entries will be posted every two weeks. Majesty 2 is scheduled for release on the PC and digital download release via GamersGate during 2009.

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