Tiga Pats UK Goverment on Back

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Tiga today backed the Government’s plans to introduce regulatory budgets as a way of reducing the regulatory burden on UK businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the video games sector. However, Tiga urged the Government to remember that UK businesses such as games developers compete in a global market. Regulatory budgets should be framed to help ensure that the UK creates the most conducive regulatory environment in which to operate a business. Tiga made the comments in response to the Government’s policy paper, Regulatory Budgets: a consultation document.

Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga, said:

“The majority of UK games developers are SMEs and the burden of regulation typically falls disproportionately on these enterprises. A recent Tiga survey of games businesses revealed that 12% of respondents believe that the regulatory environment in the UK is holding their business back.

“UK games businesses are not simply competing against other businesses in the UK or in the European Union (EU). They are also competing against developers in countries outside of the EU, in particular, the USA, Canada and Japan. The UK Government must bear this in mind when setting regulatory budgets.

“According to the World Bank, the regulatory environment is more conducive to the operation of a business in the UK in comparison to Canada and to Japan. However, it is easier to set up a business, to do business, to employ workers and to enforce a contract in the USA than it is in the UK.

“Tiga’s vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. The Government can help to realise this vision and to assist firms in other economic sectors by ensuring that its regulatory budgets decisively cut the cost and complexity of regulations. The UK should aspire to create the most conducive regulatory environment in which to operate a business.”

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