Clay Fighting Returns to Gaming

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Independent UK developer Tuna Technologies are excited to announce Cletus Clay, a manic side-scrolling platform brawler headed your way on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC in 2009. Released under Tuna’s new label TunaSnax, the Xbox LIVE Arcade version will be self-published whilst the PC version will be distributed by those mighty fine folk at Pinnacle Software.

Based on an original concept by acclaimed animator Anthony Flack, Cletus Clay is a fast paced old-school run’n’gun with eye catching visuals and a seriously irreverent attitude. Playing as the eponymous Cletus, a bad-tempered, wise-cracking, gun-totin’ hick, you take on a bunch of uninvited alien visitors who have had the temerity to trespass through your farmland on their way to conquering the Earth. Cue flying saucers, ray guns, seemingly endless reinforcements, giant robots and motherships galore; but nothing is a match for an angry redneck and his pitchfork!                                        
Created entirely from clay, the world of Cletus Clay is a fusion of traditional model making, stop-motion animation and modern digital technology. Virtually every object in the game has been modeled, photographed and animated using similar techniques to those used on productions such as Wallace and Gromit (Aardman Studios).

So, grab your shootin’ iron and blast, punch, kick, and smash your way across 12 memorable levels in a quest to rid the Earth of them there boggle-eyed cow rustling invaders. Because nothing says ‘Welcome to Earth’ quite like a good old home cooked helping of whup ass!


  • The whole game is made out of clay and presented in HD: you can even see the thumb prints on the models!
  • Two player cooperative gameplay: a second player can join in as Cletus’ brother Emmett so the dynamic duo can beat up the marauding alien invaders as a team.
  • A multitude of mini-games and bonus stages, including: blasting alien saucers out of the sky with a mounted cannon, rescuing sheep from a flooding valley, frantic egg gathering from chicken coops, exploring caves for hidden treasure and hunting down fleeing aliens in a hijacked flying saucer.
  • Cletus has access to an impressive arsenal of weapons to lay down the pain, including: pitchforks, shotguns, dynamite, mini-guns, flame throwers, grenade launchers and alien ray guns. But, given half a chance, he’s just as likely to make use of a sturdy plank, a hay bale or even a pig!

If you remember the clay fighters of old they always had some innovative gameplay, hopefully this one will as well and not just be a visual update to the genre.

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