Sho Online Holiday Plans

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Lizard Interactive announced today their Christmas project, long in planning, will start December 3rd, 2008. There will be a new region called “Slaughterhouse” and a new special event for the Sho Online players.

The new Slaughterhouse region can only be entered with an invitation and these invitations will be randomly dropped by monsters. The Slaughterhouse is divided into three zones according to levels of the monsters and players. In the zones, players have only a limited amount of time to kill all the monsters and it is strongly recommended that players team up when entering these zones. Up to 5 players may team up in a party. There are fantastic rewards, if the zone is cleared of monsters within the allotted time.

The Jackpot is a new special event in which monsters randomly give out X100 EXP. As you can imagine, these monsters will be very rare, but if you meet one, then it could be your jackpot. This is just one of the many events planned for Sho Online fans in the Christmas month of December.

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