Kudos Rock Legend Gets Skinned

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Kudos just released a totally free extra group of ’skins’ for their music game ’Kudos: Rock Legend’. (http://www.rocklegendgame.com). You can download the installer that adds these new backgrounds here.

You will also find other mods for the game here.

The game retails for only $9.95 right now.

Also, there was a very minor update to Kudos 2 a few days ago which only affects the FULL version of the game. There was a bug where saving and loading would mean that magazines would not work any more. This has been fixed. If you re-use your download link to reinstall the game, you will get version 1.06 with this minor fix in it.

Rock Legend is a turn-based game, in some ways similar to the gameplay of Kudos. Each turn of the game represents a single day, and it’s up to you to decide how the band spends their time. Some of the activities you will need to spend time on include songwriting, rehearsals, auditions, publicity events, practicing individual instruments, and of course, recording your latest album. 
The game has sophisticated AI that controls your band members (you are
the singer, they are your backing band) and decides how motivated,
energetic and happy they are. If you work the band too hard, arrange
poorly-attended gigs, and don’t provide your band with the lifestyle
they expect, you will have resignations on your hands. Running a
successful band is part financial management, part people-management,
and part creative struggle. Would you survive the music business? 
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