QPAD Expands to Headphones

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QPAD, the gaming gear company famed for its cutting-edge mousepads, is together with German headphone specialist beyerdynamic launching a new headset at Dreamhack Winter, Nov. 27-30, at Elmia Exhibition Centre, in Jönköping, Sweden. The QPAD headset sets new standards for gaming headsets.

With its new headset for gamers, QPAD clearly associates itself with the highest of standards and a top-of-the-line brand in gaming headsets.

The QPAD headset was created jointly with beyerdynamic. The closed construction absorbs external sounds by approximately 18 decibels (dBA), which makes the immaculate reproduction of sound possible even in loud environments and turbulent LAN parties; you can now hear even the smallest details in the game that you have never been able to hear before.

The deep bass allow explosions in video games to detonate so realistically that you are almost swept out of your chair. The frequency response goes from an impressive 5Hz – 30KHz equivalent to a professional studio headphone.

"We at QPAD feel privileged and excited that we have been given the opportunity of teaming up with one of the world’s absolute leading developers of professional headphones as beyerdynamic truly is,” says Thomas Gallus Jensen, Sales Director of QPAD. And he adds: "We are confident that the “Q” headset will be at the top of every gamers’ wish list, as it is nothing but first class in every aspect. This is also why we dare to give out a 5-year warranty on it”.

The headset is technologically based on a pilot headset developed for private aviation. Computer gamers also profit from the robust construction and the precision of the audio transmission. Both pilots and gamers must have lightning fast reactions that leave no time for hesitation about the correctness of a decision.

The enclosed USB adapter fully replaces the sound card in the PC and does not only provide maximum sound quality; it also makes the operation matchlessly simple. In addition, all of the headset parameters, such as the microphone sensitivity, can also be set using the driver software. Just remove the USB adapter and the QPAD headset fits every standard audio device with its mini-jack plug – a portable music player, for example, or the stereo system in the living room. Here as well, the headset gives it’s listener the feeling of being there live at all times.

The professional condenser microphone also meets the very highest demands. It reliably eliminates noise interference and only allows the intended sound to pass to your counterpart. In doing so, the sound quality is so good that the microphone capsule, technically speaking, is even suitable for recording music.

“We at beyerdynamic are looking forward to this long-term strategic partnership with QPAD” says Bastian Ziebart, Product Manager at beyerdynamic, adding: “QPAD possesses a vast knowledge in gaming just as we do in electro acoustics. This combination makes this an ideal partnership, which we are all very happy about, and there no doubt will be more exciting gaming products coming out of our partnership in the future.”


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