TechPad Announces iNetMania for iPhone

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TechPad Productions, a social media research and online publication company, will launch its first game, iNetMania, scheduled to be ready for download from the Apple App Store in early December 2008.

A release date and pricing information will be announced in the coming weeks. iNetMania is based upon TechPad’s popular board game, ServerMania, which features players competing to build a successful web hosting company and finish with the most money at the end of the game.

First introduced in 2007, ServerMania has been used by many web hosting companies as an interactive learning tool, and has been recognized by the International Academy of the Visual Arts with a Gold Davey Award as one of the best and most innovative promotional pieces within the “Print and Collateral” category.

iNetMania is based heavily upon ServerMania’s format and rules, with players competing to create the most successful website with the highest amount of visitors. Web traffic translates into money, and as with ServerMania, the player with the largest pile of cash at the end of the game wins.

“We were very excited about the success we enjoyed with ServerMania, and can’t wait to repeat that with iNetMania,” said Ben Fisher, co-founder of TechPad Productions. “iNetMania has all of the great gameplay mechanics that made ServerMania such a popular game, and it takes full advantage of the amazing technology inside the iPhone and iPod touch.”

For more information about TechPad Productions, visit:

To learn more about iNetMania, visit:

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