Persona 4 In Stores Now for PS 2

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Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that Persona 4 is now available for the PS 2 at North American retailers. For both longtime series fans and recent newcomers alike, Persona 4 offers fast-paced combat, meaningful role playing, and memorable characters, all wrapped within one of the year’s best narratives. Larger, deeper, and loaded with thrills, Persona 4 delivers the finest RPG experience of the year, and critics agree!

A mysterious chain of deaths remains unanswered and only you and your team of gifted supernatural sleuths can uncover the truth. Will you thwart this hidden evil before it is too late?

Every single copy of Persona 4 is a special two-disc set. In addition to the game disc, customers will receive a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game’s master composer, Shoji Meguro.

For more information about Persona 4, visit the official Persona 4 site.

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