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Gift Certificates

They’re finally introducing Gift Certificates to GOG.com… now you can buy your special someone that classic game you know they’ve been dying to play. Just go to any game page and click on the self-explanatory “You can gift this game to any friend” link on the right side.

Weekend Deal

Starting at noon EDT tomorrow (Friday) and ending on Monday at noon, you can buy the entire Earthworm Jim collection (Earthworm Jim 1+2, alongside Earthworm Jim 3D) for just $9.98. Remember – to qualify for the deal, you need to buy both games in the same order. GOG doesn’t want to totally shaft the people who already bought one of the games: if you already own one of those titles, buy the other and get $1 off. Cheap games just got cheaper!

New Releases

Simon the Sorcerer 2 - $5.99 (Point-and-click adventure)

If you thought you would have to wait a week to get another dose of Simon, think again. After a mere two days GOG is bringing you even more of your favorite teenage wizard in Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe. Our hero will once again meet some old friends, even older enemies and get into all kinds of trouble. Any more hints would be a spoiler, so just think of it this way: it’s like the prequel... Only better!



Simon the Sorcerer - $5.99 (Point-and-click adventure)

Sit back, take a few deep breaths and prepare your diaphragm for Simon the Sorcerer, the first part of the classic point-and-click adventure game series by Adventure Soft. The game offers truckloads of parody and cliché humor and doesn’t mind breaking the old "fourth wall." After all, what better way to prove someone is, say, a wizard, than to tell them "It says so when I move my mouse pointer over you"? To put a long story short, it’s hours of laughs for only $5.99.


Port Royale 2 - $9.99 (Historical strategy)

No holds are barred in 17th century Carribean, full of opportunities and riches ripe for the plucking. You might want to be a merchant, but make sure you keep your convoys well-protected, as there may be pirates lurking about. If you think you’re prepared, you could teach those pirates a lesson and take the fight to them. More still, you could even become a fearsome buccaneer yourself! In Port Royale 2, your choices are limited only by your ingenuity.


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