Playstation Home Open Beta Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Area Info and Codes

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Looking around the World Map on Playstation Home currently shows two game-related areas.

The first is a Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune area. When you enter here you have the choiceof two spaces for the area. The only one ready at present is Sully’s Bar where there are three locked doors. Each door has a keypad. Upstairs are two doors. The left door, which goes to the film room is opened with the code 41675. The artifact room, through the right door, is entered with code 24312. Downstairs is a third door which takes you to the Smuggler’s Den. The code for the keypad is 1024 then you must dial in 15 77 383 on the numeric knobs.

The second area is FarCry 2 which also has two areas but doesn’t seem to have anything very interesting there.

Something else interesting that with a Singstar PS2 adapter and a laptop loaded with music you can pipe it into your area and host a dance party, rave or just give more ambiance to it. Sure you have to hold down R2 but you can rig a way for that to be done (electrical tape works well).

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