Launches Swords&Sandals III

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3RD Sense today announced the release of Swords & Sandals III : Multiplae Ultratus, the latest instalment in the world’s most popular online gladiator game on

Swords & Sandals III, is a rich and engaging role playing game where players build a gladiator from the ground up, and do battle against each other online. Players shape both the look of their character and its attributes to develop the ultimate professional warrior.

Humour continues to be a drawcard for players of the series. Gladiators are just as likely to do battle with an electric guitar as they are with a mace or cutlass. This has seen the series played over 3 million times. Devotees include teenagers, women, business men and tweens. The popularity of the games can be seen from the more than 750 related videos posted to YouTube.

The features and fun woven into the fabric of Swords & Sandals III took around twelve months to develop. The flash-based online game has a cavernous amount of detail. There are 75 character levels to the game, with 1000’s of weapon options to be collected and almost unlimited number of character permutations. Enough to give all players, experienced or new, plenty to "Russell Crowe" about in their quest to have a bout of fun!

Challenge Your Friends!

Swords & Sandals III will be the first game in the series to feature the ability to challenge other players from around the world to online battles. It is a Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that allows visitors to engage in a community while playing. Fans recognise each other by their saved character profiles and can communicate via online chat.

Swords & Sandals III will be released today on, the most vibrant online games community for anyone who is passionate about play. is one of the fastest growing communities on the web when it comes to online games with more than 245,000 global members from all walks of life and all ages. In addition to this the site attracts one million visitors each month who come to play and participate.

Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator?

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