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Archive Entertainment’s digital distribution tool, Archive Games, aims to promote independently made games. The service works with smaller developers who aren’t well known but are still offering great games. All of the games available on the service are currently free, though with its latest release the system now allows developers to sell their games.

The developers of the following games have agreed to distribute on Archive Games; their games can now be freely downloaded:

  • Nethack - Explore a procedurally generated dungeon with a unique gameplay experience each time you play.
  • OpenLieroX - An extremely addictive realtime 2D shoot-em-up.
  • Glest - A 3D real-time strategy game, where you control the armies of two different factions: Tech and Magic.
  • SimWorld - A first person shooter where players can build their own fortresses.
  • Backyard Bones - A 2D puzzle game where you guide Ruby in underground explorations.

More developers are actively working with Archive Entertainment to distribute their games. Archive Entertainment owner Robby Zinchak said, “We think Archive Games will be a useful asset to small independent developers, especially as it’s very easy for developers to distribute their games on the service. We want to work together with small teams to help them gain more players for their great games.”

Wow NetHack? That game has been free forever and can be found in a hundred places.

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