Nintendo Will Debut DLC Service for the DSi.

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Word coming out of Japan is that Nintendo will be launching a software download service for the DSi system. The DLC service will make its grand entrance this Wednesday with 13 titles.  At the time of press, the titles were not revealed.

Dubbed Nintendo DSiWare service, it is similar to the services that downloads application software to mobile phones, but in this case the software is downloaded via a wireless Internet connection and stored on the DSi. By offering downloadable games, Nintendo hopes to push sales of the DSi far above the 20-million-unit level in Japan -- a barrier that game systems have always had trouble breaching.

Efforts in the past to attract women and other new categories of gamers have worked to expand Nintendo’s market, but up to now all efforts have focused on packaged software. The new download service will be able to tap a new marketing method that many Japanese are already familiar with from their use of Internet-capable cellular phones.

In related news, Nintendo announced Thursday that it will cooperate with blog service provider Hatena to run a Web site where people will be able to upload flip-page animations created with Moving Memo, one of the DSiWare applications that will be available free. 

I hope that this will eventually come to the US, not that the DS is hurting or anything, but I can only imagine what this would do with sales in the US.

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