Further Info on Hazen the Episodic RPG from Dagger Games

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The people over at Dagger Games are working on a new episodic hack n slash RPG game called Hazen. Taking a short holiday they managed to get me some further background information on the title.

The idea to make an Action / Hack’Slash RPG was roaming around in the team members heads for years. Now they have decided that moment to act has come . First of all they all love RPG games and they have some experience in this field and that was the main reason to start making such a product. They truly belive that they know what the fans expect from such a title and will work hard to deliver it in coming mounts.

Why Hazen will be episodic

  • The Development time is short, so the publisher has the opportunity to ship the titles faster.
  • Both developer and publisher will receive feedback after the first episode and will have the opportunity to make 2nd ,3rd even better.
  •  Episodes are "stand alone“ products so you don’t need to buy every single one of them (at present they have decided to make 4 episodes of Hazen but that could expand). If a gamer has all of them they will unlock a lot of special events and will have the opportunity to follow the whole storyline.
  •  Every single episode will have enough playing time for a single RPG title also the re-playable value is high ( the player will have freedom to build his main char , rebuild it or whatever he wants to fit well on his own playing style.)

The Dark Whispers

They  are currently working on the first Episode of Hazen - "The Dark Whispers“ and are putting their strength into making it really interesting and open for players (whether they are veterans or just beginners).     

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