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Battling back is Call of Duty World at War to take the top spot away from FIFA 09. While the two trade the top spots back and forth Need for Speed Undercover zipped past Mario Kart Wii to take the number three spot.

Oddly enough Wii Play bounced into the fifth spot and Lara Croft pulled herself up to sixth (from ninth) giving Tomb Raider Underworld the edge over the latest Bond (Qos 8th) and Guitar Hero (world tour 7th) titles. Sonic  was Unleashed and made a speedy move from 20th to 10th coming in just behind...himself in Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (9th).

Gears of War 2 made an appearance at 12 after not having been in the chart the previous week. It joins other newcomers to the top 20 - Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock and PES09 who also jumped onto the charts after an absence.

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