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HotGen, one of Europe’s most innovative game development studios, today announced its first foray into developing and publishing games on Apple’s iPhone and iTouch with the release of ’Brain Surge!’

Terry Haynes, Producer at HotGen said, "iPhone and iTouch have the potential to be bigger than any other single handheld gaming platform - past or present. The impulse purchase price points, superior screen and ease of use of the devices make this a really interesting proposition for publishing and development. We’ll be creating our own, original games as well as leverage our experience in working with major brands to interpret other properties into compelling and valuable customer experiences. Development times are very short allowing brands to react very quickly to market forces - that’s not possible on any other platform except the PC, which just doesn’t have that same show off factor." 

He continued, "Our track record in developing mass market interactive toys like the plug and play TV games has proven that there’s a huge demand out there for games that don’t revolve around a traditional console."

Apple’s 3G iPhone shipped 6,892,000 units in Q4 2008 alone.

About Brain Surge! on the iTunes App Store

’Brain Surge’ is a challenging mix of fun games suitable for all ages, to train the brain. Play alone or with 3 friends as Dr Fergus, the nutty professor, challenges you to a plethora of mind stretching puzzles that will flex your cerebral muscles and sharpen your visual, memory, computing and logic skills.

Brain Surge! features:

  • 13 individual brain training games
  • 1-4 players
  • 4 game modes
  • Suitable for all ages from 4+

Priced at a credit-crunch beating £1.79, Brain Surge! is a no-brainer!

To buy the game visit: iTunes / App Store / Games / Puzzle / Brain Surge!

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