SlimClips for PSP Slim Let You Customize For the Seasons

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VIEW DETAILS Talismoon releases today a smart ’clip on’ case for PSP Slim & Lite (2000 series) available in 4 original colors, each with a season theme. Easy to install, protective and redefining the style of your console upon your mood, the SlimClips are your PSP best friends!

You’d like to change the color of your PSP Slim console, protect it from dusts and scratches and be able to remove this protection easily ?
Talismoon provides you with SlimClips series ! No need to open your console ! Easy snap-on installation !

Product description :

The SlimClips *AUTUMN* for PSP Slim (2000) is an ultra stylish way of protecting your PSP Slim console again dust, shocks and scratches.
Made of high quality aluminium material, the SlimClips’ installation is as easy as just snaping it on your console ! It gives an all around protection, for front and back.
You don’t need to open your console like you do with a regular faceplate. You put the Slimclips and remove it whenever you want.

Specifications :

High quality aluminium material
Easy snap-on installation
All around protection
Compatible with PSP SLIM 2000 series
Available in 4 colors : Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

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