Kingston Systems signs Letter of Intent to Purchase HoloDek Gaming Assets

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Kingston Systems, Inc. (KSI), an emerging "green" technology company specializing in developing robotic positioning solutions, has entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of HoloDek Gaming, Inc., a unique entertainment concept company, in exchange for KSI common stock.

"We are executing our stated plans of acquiring HoloDek." says Ralph (Kit) McKittrick, CEO of KSI. "Our acquisition will allow us to offer the very best in video gaming theaters. Our concept, time tested for over 4 years, provides families as well as seasoned gamers with the very best video gaming possible. KSI has worked with HoloDek to develop many different video gaming entertainment experiences for all ages and has been successful in bridging the fun gap between youngsters, parents and grandparents. We have moved from our alpha site to a beta facility in Kittery, Maine which incorporates a restaurant and bar for the convenience of our customers. We are in negotiations to open up a larger facility in South Florida where we plan to introduce our proprietary motion base platform that will work with a number of commercially available flight simulation and car racing games." McKittrick says, "HoloDek provides hours of interactive entertainment to our customers for less money than the passive entertainment found in movie theaters. It is a place to make friends and join a community of like-minded enthusiasts. We feel that once KSI’s robotic simulators are incorporated into HoloDek’s retail facilities, we will also draw serious general aviation pilots looking to reduce their FAA certification costs. Our motion base also has the ability to put customers into very realistic car racing environments. Our robots have received rave reviews from many top companies in many different industries and now we hope to introduce them into the $7 billion video gaming industry."

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