Hunter’s World MMO Ready for Beta Later in 2009

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Monumental Games today announced that they are developing ‘Hunter’s World’ – a new MMO based on game hunting. Players take the role of hunters visiting a massive and varied wild hunting reserve, where they can compete and collaborate with real players in a persistent world. Hunters will be able to roam freely, interact with each other, and hunt everything from varmints to big game.

“Hunter’s World will be the first ever Massively Multiplayer Online Hunting game,” said Rob Watson, Lead Designer on the new title. “The IP for the game is Monumental’s own, and we’re already some way down the development path. We’re really excited about the experience we’re creating: it’s much richer and more compelling than anything that has come before in this genre – something that’s largely down to its MMO foundation.”

Hunter’s World will accurately simulate the hunting experience, and create an environment where people who share a passion for hunting can exchange their experiences and recreate their favourite hunts. The community website also goes live this week at

The title will bring a number of innovations to the hunting genre:
• Competition against real people and a wide variety of AI-controlled animals
• Collaboration with real people
• Multiple hunting lodges, each with their own unique characteristics
• A truly social game - players can communicate, hunt and socialise together
• Players can roam freely in a virtual hunting world where they can interact with thousands of others
• Players can purchase items (e.g. cars, weapons, clothing and so on) and customize their character
• Free-to-play

Hunter’s World is Monumental’s own intellectual property, developed with investment from EM Media. Monumental anticipate launching an open beta version of the game in 2009 and welcome enquiries from companies that may wish to partner on this project or advertise.

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