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Publisher X is proud to announce a special limited time promotion for the award winning title HydroTilt, available only for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Consumers who purchase the application beginning Friday, January 16 will enjoy a special promotional price of $2.99, a drop from the standard cost of $4.99.
Awarded the prestigious “Silver Medal” from PocketGamer.co.uk, HydroTilt lets players guide a bead of water on suspended platforms by tilting the iPhone left, right, up, and down.  The object being, to carefully navigate safely through brightly colored environments to reach the finish line. Like real water, players can alter the form of the droplet from a liquid state into a solid state (ice) and even a gaseous state (water vapor)…but foresight is a must! Use these different states of matter to solve various puzzles; freeze the droplet to roll over a switch to trigger a bridge or melt into the liquid state to connect electrical wires in order to activate a freezing machine.
In addition, Publisher X is announcing a HydroTilt level editor allowing consumers to create, build and share their own levels.  The editor is scheduled to be released in February of 2009 and will be offered as a free update to consumers that have purchased the full version of HydroTilt.
For more information about products by Publisher X, or to purchase HydroTilt, please visit www.publisherx.com and the App Store.

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