Qwak to be First Pay Title Via Archive Games

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Robby Zinchak over at Archive Games tells us that he’s been working with a couple developers to get their games up on AG. The first game will be announced in the next few days is Qwak by Jamie Woodhouse (http://www.qwak.co.uk/).  "It’s a cool 2D platformer that’s a lot of fun.  We’re pretty excited to have Jamie on-board, and proud for Qwak to be our first paid downloadable game," said Robby.

And so the birth of another download service is complete and it begins to take its first steps on a new journey. Archive Games is different as they are focused on the independent and small developers. They want to publish the games that might be too risky for the big guys who are always focused on the bottom line and not in fact on the fun factor or what gamers really want. I think that if Robby is successful, and we hope he will be, we will see a slew of new, cool, indie games coming out of AG in the near future.

Archive Games also hosts several free-to-download games including Space Pizza, Nethack, and SimWorld with Version 5 of that title being under development as we speak over at Archive Entertainment.

So head over and check out what’s sure to be the best indie games download service on the web. And stay tuned to GDN as we follow the rise of Archive Games and hopefully pile up some reviews of the indie titles as they are released.

Edit: Since this was posted screens and a demo (for you to download) have been added. Let us know what you think.

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