Generation: Gamerz Linksys WRT300N: Maybe This Is Why They Call It A Draft

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This weekend I came into some money (in the way of BestBuy Gift Cards), and decided to upgrade my network, something I've been putting off for sometime. I've been using my Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless B Router for years, with very few problems. Of late though, I've been having problems with coverage, and have been unable to connect wirelessly from across my home. I've tried upgrading the antennas to no avail, so I decided the time had come to take the leap and purchase a WRT300N router and WGC300N card for my laptop. Now almost immediately, I noticed some increased speeds when accessing the internet through a wired connection. Things were looking good! So, I loaded the latest drivers and connected the WGC300N to my laptop. It connected instantly at 270Mbps! I couldn't believe my eyes. When I moved the laptop across the house, the signal dropped dramatically (to less than 50%), but stayed connected. But then it happened. The connection dropped, and reconnecting became a sick joke. I tried for hours, and became more and more frustrated. If it would connect, it wouldn't grab an address. If it grabbed an address, it would lose range. I checked for and even reloaded the latest firmware, but nothing seemed to fix it. Evidentially, a number of Linksys customers are experiencing similar problems. Now, I realize 802.11n is still in draft form, but maybe this is why my teachers would never let me turn in my "drafts".

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