Generation: Gamerz Battlefield 2: Operation Crackdown

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Ranked Battlefield 2 Server administrators received the following message at the end of May. I thought some of you may find this interesting and helpful..

"We have noticed an increase in behavior where leased servers are being used by clans solely to pad players stats, even to the extent where clans are institutionalizing rules that forbid normal play. Currently the favored method is for player admins to set rules where players must use either a knife or Pistol, players must revive each other, and players must not take flags. This creates environments where players gain stats unrealistically and creates an imbalance in the ranked server playing field. In our opinion, these players are breaking EA's Terms of Service, and we have begun taking action on the clans involved. However, clan coordination to this extreme requires us to create a long-term solution for this (separate from any scoring changes in 1.03). As a group, Ranked Partners included, we need to work together to aggressively crack down on any server that is found to be promoting stats exploiting..."

Click here to read the rest of the message.

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