Generation: Gamerz S Controller, Mark II and III?

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The Official Xbox Magazine UK site is reporting that Microsoft is working on redesigns of the Xbox 360 Controller. For one, Immersion Technologies is working with the software juggernaut on, what else? New immersion technolgies, primarily tactile feedback (that's vibration for you knuckleheads). Apparently, Immersion is "...using LucasArts PC title Jedi Knight II to demonstrate the new hand shaking features" including "...the vibrations are now designed to be context sensitive, so powering up a lightsaber will feel different from firing a shot from a pistol." Now that's cool. The article also goes on to discuss comments made by Nintendo Wii Controller fanboy and Microsoft's Head Xbox Nerd, Peter Moore. Apparently, he feels the current generation of controllers are intimidating to potential new gamerz. Idiot.

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