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Actually, this article has nothing to do with escapology nor its most notible practitioner. In reality, its an excellent weekly publication, and I suggest signing up for their weekly notification. I discovered it a few months ago, and have become an avid reader ever since. I can spend my time trying to describe it, but I think they have already said it best: "The Escapist covers gaming and gamer culture with a progressive editorial style, with articles and columns by the top writers in and outside of the industry. A weekly publication, its magazine-style updates offer content for a mature audience of gamers, entertainment enthusiasts, industry insiders, and other "NetSet" readers. Each issue, The Escapist explores a central theme. Tuesday’s main publish address head-on the topics relevant to gamers, while the weekend extra, Casual Friday, explores the lighter side of these heavy issues. Combining print-quality writing and magazine-style aesthetics with the accessibility of the web, The Escapist is available online, via PDF, and through RSS for broad syndication. For more information, visit"

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