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Recently there have been delays announced by everyone from Microsoft to Sony to Microsoft... Microsoft has delayed Vista, not a surprise. But they have also announced delays on new games for the Xbox360. Sony has announced delays on the Blue-Ray DVD players and games for the PS3.

It seems we can't rely on anyone these days.

But that is not completely correct. Nintendo, who I have always been a fan of, rarely misses a deadline. Of course their mentality and strategy is different than the others, they normally don't announce a release date until they can meet it with certainty.

But what do we do until they announce and release the Wii?

Go see a concert.

Nintendo recently announced tour dates for its "Nintendo Fusion Tour." The tour features such names as...well it's not important, mostly because I haven't heard of them. But if you are in one of the 40 cities in the US (that's about 7000 miles from me), you will be able to check out a lot of cool Nintendo gear.

The big news? Here's a quote from the website: In addition to live music, each venue will showcase the hot-selling Nintendo DS Lite and provide a sneak peek of Nintendo’s upcoming console, Wii.

AHA! Now what a sneak peek entails is always a mystery and up to interpretation, but it would be enough for me to go check it out. Too bad I'm too far away.

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If you need your Nintendo and Wii information as fast as possible check out the RSS feeds they provide.

Tak Cau.


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