Generation: Gamerz Ewww…Why Is It So Big?

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Being an Xbox & Xbox 360 owner who does not also own a PS2, I catch a lot of flack from Sony Fan-Boys.

Now don't get me wrong: I like, no, I love the Playstation 2. I found it to be a great system, but only had room in my budget for one console, and I chose the Xbox. Yes, at one time I also owned a GameCube, but that was a gift, and I later used it as trade for a replacement Xbox. (Lost mine in a breakup.) One of the absurd complaints I used to hear pertained to the size of the original Xbox. "Eww. Why is it so big? The Playstation 2 is just as good, and its smaller." Well, on a purely technological level, it was not as good, but was still a great system.

Enter the PS3.

The debate is still pending on its technological superiority to the Xbox 360, yet it is unmistakably larger than the 360. Don't believe me? Click on the picture and see for yourself.

So, what do you have to say for yourselves now, fan-boys?

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