Generation: Gamerz 11,499 reasons I won`t be buying an Xbox360 soon

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That's 11,499 Czech Crowns, the expected retail price of the system when it hits shelves here (I live in the Czech Republic) later this year. (About $522)

The core system will go for a meager 8,999 Czech Crowns. (about $410)

Are they mad? Did they not do any type of research on this? And what's up with the major price difference between here and America.

Here are some notes for the eggheads at M$ to crunch.

The average monthly income in the country is between 18,000 and 19,000 Czech Crowns.

The average rent in the country is less than the core system.

Combine this with the fact that the Czech Republic is nowhere nearly as big into video games as America. In fact, many people I know here don't have any idea who Pac-Man is and are barely aware that Mario isn't a plumber anymore. They are more closely tied to nature and on any given weekend you will find them out biking, skating, hiking and playing sports. Many of them work 12-14 hours a day and don't even have time for video games.

A good 20% of people I know don't even own a television because they wouldn't watch it.

So for a good used television you would need to drop around another 2,000 CZK. Now the total comes up to more than 2 months of my rent as I don't have a television. And that's not even considering the price of the games.

Having been keen on buying some new games for my DS I know for a fact that the games here will be probably close to 2,000 CZK each. So three games equals what I pay in rent for a month. One game is two months of electric and gas. If most games in the states are $60 then maybe, just maybe the games will only be around $70 (or about 1,540 CZK) which is still a hell of a lot for us all.

Now, I live a good life here, and I make more than the national average, but not by much. So I won't be planning on picking up an Xbox 360 anytime soon... As a matter of fact you might even read that as NEVER.

I'll save my Hellers (there are 100 in 1 Czech Crown) for the Wii when it comes out.

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