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You know things are bad when *I* scoop the Valve-head. In the Et tu Brute department Valve has announced that Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be delayed until early 2007. Probably because of all the printing required to get just the title of the game onto a box.

Of course this no longer surprises us as I'm fairly certain that everything, including Christmas and the whole year 2007 have now been delayed due to being behind schedule. Granted, it takes a lot of work to make up a whole year and we don't really all like getting older so no one ever sweats it much if the new year is a few days later.

In the Why didn't THEY think of that department, Valve will steal a play from the M$ playbook, but they'll actually do it right.

There will be several packages of the game coming out that will range in price (sound familiar? Xbox360 anyone?) and each will include a different set of er...features?

While the console version will be a 'full priced' one, which I would guess means $50-60, it sounds like it'll be worth it since it will include Half-Life 2, Episode 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal... man that's a lot of twos.

The PC will see multiple packages both with and without Episode 1 but I guess they'll all have TF2 and Portal and be priced somewhere between full price and $20 (because after all $19.95 really is $20).

So what's this mean for all of us?

Well it means you'll need to save that Xmas money a little longer, possibly all the way until March but maybe only until January. Either way I wouldn't suggest a mutual fund, but I might suggest a piggy bank. At least something to keep you from spending it on some other visual crack before HL2E2 hits shelves.

Personally I'll probably still be out of cash after having taken my entire life savings (which at the moment has a negative balance) and dumped it on a Wii.

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