Generation: Gamerz “Urgent Security Announcement”? I`ll say!

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Linden Labs, the company that operates the on-line game Second Life, posted this on their website yesterday.

It seems Linden Labs discovered on September 6th that "an intruder was able to access the Second Life database through the web servers". Apparently, they did not release this information until 2 days later because the were investigating the extent of the "hack".

Account names, customer names, customer contact information, encrypted account passwords and encrypted payment information were all accessed. Linden Labs makes sure to point out:
"No unencrypted credit card information is stored on the database in question. Unencrypted credit card information has not been compromised." seems to me that they are claiming that credit card information is safe because it was encrypted, right?

But wait a minute...

Didn't they also say that passwords were encrypted? Well, if their encrypted information was safe, then why did they decide to reset EVERYONE'S password?

Something to think about...

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