Generation: Gamerz Activision Throws Its Guitar to the Audience, Tries to Prevent Others From Doing the Same

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Robert Kotick, Activision's chairman and CEO, said that their hit title, Guitar Hero, will come to multiple platforms in 2007, including "on every significant new format". He also spoke about yearly updates, during his keynote speech at Communacopia XV.

Meanwhile, the game's developer, Red Octane, is refusing to comment on the matter. It could be because they are too busy being complete hypocrites, now that they have hit it big.

For those that don't remember, Red Octane used to produce unlicensed game peripherals, including dance pads for the DDR franchise. (In their defense, the suit was most likely pushed by their new parent company, the aforementioned Activision.) Now, in a move of ultimate hypocrisy, "RedOctane and new parent company Activision filed suit against The Ant Commandos, a Chino, California-based company selling a lineup of wired and wireless guitar controllers for use with the PlayStation 2 edition of Guitar Hero."


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