Generation: Gamerz Monday Night Foot-Er, Updates!

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As I sit here watching my team (the Packers) attempt to hold on to their measly 2 point lead against the Philadelphia Eagles (a team they haven't beat in Philly since 1962), I decided to take a little time to calm my nerves and scour the Internet for overnight updates.

Joystiq posted this video from the folks at PSM3 Magazine.


Also on the radar this evening, posted this article saying Electronic Gaming Monthly will have a large Halo 3 spread in next months issue. I'm glad I picked up my free subscription to EGM while it was still available.

If you are interested, Amazon has it for $20 for a year. It's not too bad. Get your subscription here.

By the way, the Pack is now losing 17 to 9. *sigh*

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